business income

: the income of a business from current production as sometimes distinguished from incidental or extraneous income (as from the investments of a manufacturer)

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  • Business Income — Any income that is realized as a result of business activity. Business income is a type of earned income, and is classified as ordinary income for tax purposes. Business income can be offset with business expenses and business losses. It can be… …   Investment dictionary

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  • Unrelated Business Income Tax — (UBIT) in the U.S. Internal Revenue Code is the tax on unrelated business income, which comes from an activity engaged in by a tax exempt 26 USCA 501 organization that is not related to the tax exempt purpose of that organization.RequirementsFor… …   Wikipedia

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  • income and expenditure account — ➔ account1 * * * income and expenditure account UK US noun [C] ► ACCOUNTING a record of money received and spent by a business or organization during a particular period: »We find, after closing up our income and expenditure account, that we have …   Financial and business terms

  • income-generating — UK US adjective (also income producing) ► FINANCE used to describe an investment or business activity that makes money: » income generating bonds/shares »The fund will invest in income producing shares of mid to large sized companies …   Financial and business terms

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